Spokesperson Network

Our network have direct experience of some of the biggest social issues facing the UK today and will receive training, media mentoring and speaking opportunities to amplify their expertise.

Find out more about our 2022 spokesperson training programme here.

  • Alan Stuart

    Founder of The Calzy Foundation - to campaign for increased and accessible peer-to-peer support for young adults suffering trauma or crisis in their mental health; to de-stigmatise the conversation in young people around mental health and to work towards reducing the suicide rates in young people

  • Anna Wardley

    CEO of Luna Foundation, a social enterprise dedicated to transforming the support for children after suicide


  • Emma Pears

    Founder and CEO of SELFA Children's Charity, based in Skipton. She helped to set up SELFA after identifying a gap in provision for children and young people in Craven over 15 years ago.

  • Gemma Holtam

    Founder of The Long Game, an employment charity that provides peer-led support for autistic Higher Education students and graduates.

  • Jamie Gratton

    Founder and Operation Director at Staywell Derby, a non profit social enterprise bringing a lived experience led proactive approach to wellbeing to the residents of Derby City.

  • Jan Cunliffe

    Co-Founder of the campaign group JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association), now campaigning for acquittals for the wrongly convicted and achieving further legal reform.

  • Maggie Gordon-Walker

    Founder of Mothers Uncovered, set up for her registered charity Livestock in 2008. The Brighton-based creative support courses are facilitated by past participants, celebrating the woman behind the mother, while allowing feelings to be explored honestly, without judgement.


  • Rachael Mole

    Founder of SIC, a CIC, social enterprise, bringing together her passion for mentoring, disability access and workplace inclusion with the aim of helping to close the disability employment gap in the UK.

    sicofficial.co.uk thesicceo

  • Rosie Hodsdon

    Executive Assistant (Marketing and Communications) at National Ugly Mugs a charity which aims to end all forms of violence against sex workers through providing safety tools, victim support and resources to support broader health, wellbeing, and provide sex workers with greater autonomy over their lives.


  • Sabrina Jones

    Founder and CEO of not-for-profit Say It With Your Chest, existing to empower young people who are at risk of school exclusion or need support with their personal development to overcome obstacles and cultivate, happy, positive and fulfilling futures.


  • Samantha Billingham

    Founder of SODA, domestic abuse awareness Ambassador, educating and empowering others to enhance their knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse.

  • Shaffia Khatun

    Co-Founder and Director of SKY Positive Minds, an award-winning charity that works to empower vulnerable women, girls and children from the local community who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual abuse or have been affected by mental health or other challenges.


  • Sharon McPherson

    Co-founder of Families In Harmony, a representative voice in campaigning for racial equity in kinship care.

  • Zain Hafeez

    Community Organiser at Citizens UK, a Complex Needs Team Leader at CRMC, a Board of Trustee at ASAP and an Ambassador of Voices Network and Red Cross.


  • Beth Thomas

    Mentoring Scheme Co-Ordinator and Safeguarding Director at Our Place Support. Beth is passionate about using her own experiences to inspire others who have experienced trauma and issues with their mental health.

  • Chloe Deakin

    Chloe is a multi-disciplinary producer, who uses her expertise in communications, digital media, and youth work to promote healing, and growth within disenfranchised communities across the Midlands.


  • Chloe Juliette

    A passionate and active member of the care experienced community, and qualitative social researcher, with the hope of supporting better policy making.

  • Craig Jones MBE

    Joint Chief Executive of the military LGBT+ charity Fighting With Pride and the principle leader of the Armed Forces LGBT+ community in the difficult years after the ‘gay ban' was lifted.

  • Debs Teale

    Advocate of creativity in health following her own mental health journey, Trustee at the National Centre for Creative Health, member of the Social Prescribing Network and Social Prescribing Academy

  • Donna Weaver

    Proud kinship carer of three, Director of the not-for-profit Kinship Carers UK, and a member of Family Rights Group Kinship Panel. Donna is generating awareness and seeking change for future kinship carers.


  • Eliza Rebeiro

    Co-Founder and current CEO of Lives Not Knives, a charity based in Croydon that aims to reduce youth violence by engaging, educating and empowering up to 10,000 young people a year.

    elizamargarite LNKCharity

  • Jazz Moreton

    Audio artist who has multiple disabilities as a result of surviving a stroke as a teenager, and a passion for activism and equality, driven to create positive social change through art and the arts.

  • John Crilly

    Campaigner with the not-for-profit JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association) campaigning on behalf of, and with, those wrongfully convicted and is campaigning to reform legal abuse by Joint Enterprise.

  • Marie Van Herteryck

    Self-advocate and Co-Founder of NDSA (Neuro Diverse Self Advocacy) voluntary organisation.


  • Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan

    Founder and CEO of the Zinthiya Trust a charity set up in 2009 aimed at supporting women and families in Leicester and Leicestershire to be free from poverty and abuse.


  • Onjali Rauf

    Author and founder of Making Herstory

  • Lady Unchained

    Poet and Founder of Unchained Poetry, a platform for artists with experience of the criminal justice system.


  • Ric Flo

    Creative Director and Rapper Ric Flo uses the art of rap and his experience in foster care to encourage positivity in young people through creative workshops whilst developing his own music with the Hip-hop Collective Jungle Brown.

  • Amanda Hailes

    Part of Hull-based women’s collective An Untold Story, peer-researcher for AVA and Agenda, campaigning for women facing marginalisation

  • Anne-Marie Douglas

    Founder and CEO of Peer Power, an empathy led charity developed with young people which aims to heal childhood trauma and adversity through caring relationships, system change involvement, employment and peer support.

  • Barbara Burton

    Founder of the BehindBras Fashion Foundation, providing support, new skills and meaningful employment for former women prisoners, in the fashion, retail and creative industries.


  • Bryony Albery

    Previously a frontline homelessness support worker, performance poet Bryony is now training to be a social justice lawyer.

  • Clare Patey

    Award winning artist, curator, and director of Empathy Museum. Her award-winning immersive project A Mile in My Shoes explores how empathy can transform personal relationships but also help tackle global challenges and open up the public conversation around empathy.


  • Darren Murinas

    Chief executive of Expert Citizens, an independent group who have all experienced multiple needs and give their ideas to services to help guide and shape them to improve the care of multiple needs citizens.

  • Marissa Begonia

    Domestic worker and founding member of The Voice of Domestic Workers, Marissa campaigns for justice and rights for Britain’s migrant domestic workers. She helps them to flee abusive families and find safety.

  • Simeon Moore

    Writer, musician and advocate for young people. Simeon was a member of a notorious Birmingham gang and co-created the YouTube channel DatsTV to challenge, and provide an alternative to those channels and music videos that glamorise gun and knife-culture.

  • Steve Arnott AKA Redeye Feenix

    Hull Beats Bus Founder, committed to building confidence and giving young people the space to be creative through music and art workshops. Star of Sean McAllister’s documentary film A Northern Soul.

  • Sue James

    CEO Legal Action Group, a national charity committed to improving access to justice. Previously Director and solicitor at Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre specialising in housing. Sue provides support for marginalised and vulnerable groups so they can make their voices heard.

  • Tracey Ford

    Founder of the JAGS Foundation, created in memory of her son. JAGS raise awareness of the consequences of youth murder and addresses problems affecting young people today offering peer mentoring in schools and works with agencies that help vulnerable young women.

Media Matches

  • Mike Lewis

    Mike is the Managing Director of Nine Lives Media, the biggest factual independent programme maker in the North East.

  • Emma Wakefield

    Emma Wakefield is the Managing Director of Lambent Productions, where she has created a wide range of acclaimed documentaries, factual series, and education programming.

  • Anna Hall

    Anna Hall is the Director and Executive Producer of Candour Productions, and is best known for her 17-year enquiry into gang grooming.

  • Amelia Gentleman

    Amelia is a reporter and author of The Windrush Betrayal, Exposing the Hostile Environment.

  • Danny Shaw

    Danny Shaw is head of strategy and insight at Crest Advisory, a criminal justice consultancy, providing expert analysis on policing and criminal justice.

  • Simon Israel

    Simon Israel was the Channel 4 News senior correspondent for 25 years, although now officially retired he is still an occasional contributor. 

  • Sheetal Parmar

    Sheetal has been a journalist at the BBC for over 15 years, working across radio, TV and online.

  • Rachel New

    Rachel New is the Creative Lives Producer at BBC CWR. Employed Creative by Lives shining a light on the work of grassroots creative groups in Coventry and Warwickshire.

  • David Brindle

    David Brindle is the former public services editor of The Guardian. He enjoyed a long career with local and national newspapers and came to specialise in social policy issues, winning a number of awards for his coverage of health and social care, disability and the voluntary sector.

  • Barnie Choudhury

    Barnie Choudhury is an award-winning journalist, and he also been a senior leader is several organisations. He is currently editor-at-large for Eastern Eye, the UK's number one south Asian national newspaper.

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