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Shanine Fasasi

Founder of Diversify Education and Communities, promoting cultural diversity and inclusion in schools, businesses and the community.


Shanine Fasasi is originally from the Caribbean Island of St Vincent and the Grenadines. In February 2017, she founded the organisation Diversify Education and Communities CIC off the back of her University final year dissertation project. The idea behind the creation of Diversify Education and Communities transpired as a result of Shanine’s lived experience of Black Teacher trainee facing discrimination and misconceptions around her cultural identity.

Shanine wanted to create a platform where cultural identity was accepted and welcoming for all, hence the creation of Diversify Education and Communities. Despite getting a poor grade for her submission and being told that it was not a relevant topic, she felt spurred on to prove that it was very much needed and can create a positive impact.

Six years later, Diversify Education and Communities CIC, promoting cultural diversity and inclusion in schools, businesses and the community is a well loved organisation with a number of successful projects, celebrating culture and bringing communities together.

Outside of her role in the community, Shanine enjoys cooking, reading, outdoor exercise and advocating for mental health and wellbeing particularly within and for the Black African and Caribbean community, which is often seen as a taboo subject.

"I am looking forward to enhancing my skills and learning how to create a balanced yet amplified platform raising awareness of cultural diversity, the impact of discrimination and mental health and wellbeing within cultures such as the Black African and Caribbean Community."

In the Media

  • Shanine Fasasi wrote an op-ed for Children & Young People Now titled Let’s break the cycle of black boys being failed by the education system

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