Doing Justice Better: SDM in Conversation

Join Sounddelivery Media on Monday 15th April from 1-2:30pm for an engaging topical conversation about a better way forward for justice in the lead up to a general election. All political parties are talking tough justice before going to the polls, amid a crisis in overcrowded prisons, underfunding for legal representation, a recent record miscarriage of justice, persistent knife crime and ever-present racial injustice. Simple, headline grabbing answers to complex problems are put forward in a bid to please the public.

This lunchtime online event, is a continuation of our series ‘In Conversation’ which address the big issues facing our society, led by our spokesperson network.

Hosted by Simon Israel, former Home Affairs Correspondent at Channel 4 News, it promises to be an honest and thought-provoking discussion.

This event is aimed at journalists and media professionals looking to hear untold stories from communities directly impacted by the justice system. Funders, policymakers, other influencers and like-minded members of the network are also invited to tune in, listen and learn.

Tickets to attend are free. Register to secure your place below.

The panellists are:

Jan Cunliffe Co-Founder of the campaign group JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association), now campaigning for acquittals for the wrongly convicted and achieving further legal reform.

Simeon Moore is a writer, musician, and advocate for young people. Simeon was a member of a notorious Birmingham gang and co-created the YouTube channel DatsTV to challenge and provide an alternative to channels and music videos that glamorise gun and knife-culture.

Sue Beere is Survivor Advocate for APPEAL law charity, supporting Bound by Injustice (BBI), a community made up of APPEAL clients and their loved ones. She develops opportunities for BBI members to share their experiences of miscarriages of justice. For 12 years Sue’s husband served a 24-year sentence for a wrongful conviction.

Lady Unchained is poet, broadcaster, author and founder of Unchained Poetry, a platform for artists with experience of the criminal justice system. She served a prison sentence during which she turned to poetry; Lady Unchained has hosted a BBC Radio 4 documentary, hosts a programme for National Prison Radio and runs workshops in prisons across the country; her mission is to prove there’s life after prison.

Sue James is a former housing lawyer and is now CEO of Legal Action Group which supports marginalised and vulnerable groups so they have access to justice and their voices are heard.

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About the organiser

Sounddelivery Media is a charity with a vision of a more equitable society where people with lived experience are part of creating social change. We work to help get new voices in the media and in the wider public conversation.  We connect  journalists and communities with untold stories. We work to address representation and diversity of voice in the media, finding platforms for our networks and building long term trusted relationships with journalists. We tackle the barriers that prevent these experts from engaging with the media.

Our Spokesperson Network programme is a key part of our work. Since 2019, we have been running an annual training programme for grassroots leaders looking to become visible public speakers. We work alongside people with direct experience of social injustice and inequality to advocate for themselves and their communities publicly by providing training, support and mentoring, media meet ups and media opportunities.  

Further reading and listening:

Jan Cunliffe: Writing an opinion piece for The Guardian, Jan wrote about the wave of 2022 Joint Enterprise convictions and was was interviewed by The Guardian about JENGbA’s win against The Crown Prosecution Service and changing joint enterprise prosecutions to be monitored for racial bias.

Simeon Moore: Featured in BBC Radio 4’s Lights Out on the efficacy of prison sentences, Simeon also hosted the BBC Radio 4 show Splitting Blades about complex relationship between urban art and knife violence.

Sue Beere: In The Justice Gap, Sue wrote about the Bound By Injustice community set up the law charity APPEAL to support families affected by miscarriages of justice.

Lady Unchained: Interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Lady Unchained discussed Jimmy McGovern’s BBC series ‘Time’ and how short prison sentences impact women. In her TEDxTeessideWomen speech, Lady Unchained explores the war of violence against women in girls in communities and in the criminal justice system.

Sue James: In her 2016 Being The Story talk ‘The Power of Stories to Make the Invisible Visible‘ Sue shared her belief in finding someone’s story to properly advocate on their behalf and ensure they get access to justice. Sue was interviewed on her appointment as its Legal Action Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

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