Spokesperson Network

Maggie Gordon-Walker

Founder of Mothers Uncovered, a Sussex peer-led organisation that supports women in matrescence (the transition to motherhood) with creative groups led by past participants. Campaigner for better postnatal care for mothers.



Maggie is an arts professional, having worked as a performer, writer and director. She is the founder of Mothers Uncovered, set up for her registered charity Livestock in 2008. The Brighton-based creative support courses are facilitated by past participants, celebrating the woman behind the mother, while allowing feelings to be explored honestly, without judgement. She co-edited an anthology of past participants’ stories ‘The Secret Life of Mothers’ (2018). She is an advocate for mothers’ rights, believing their wishes around pregnancy, birth and postpartum are often ignored or marginalised and investment in this area would improve thousands of families’ lives. She is part of a growing national network to recognise the word ‘matrescence’ as the period of time when a woman becomes a mother.

'Everyone on the planet has a mother, yet the needs of women in pregnancy, birth and beyond aren’t catered for. I want to be the voice for those mothers.'

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