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Sue Beere

Sue works at APPEAL as a Survivor Advocate and was part of APPEAL's Bound By Injustice community as they represent her husband's wrongful conviction case.

Sue is a Survivor Advocate at the law Charity, APPEAL, supporting Bound by Injustice (BBI), a community made up of APPEAL clients and their loved ones. She develops opportunities for BBI members to share their experiences of miscarriages of justice and campaign for change in the criminal justice system, as well as providing pastoral support. 
Sue not only has professional experience of supporting prisoners’ families but also has personal experience – for 12 years her
husband served a 24-year sentence for a wrongful conviction, he has now been released but their journey of wrongful conviction is still continuing. Sue is an active member of APPEAL’s Bound By Injustice community.

"I want to develop skills and confidence to raise the awareness of the impact of wrongful convictions on clients and their loved ones and children."

In the Media

  • Sue Beere wrote ‘Bound By Injustice: no stigma, no shame or judgement’ for The Justice Gap

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