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Emma Pears

Founder and CEO of SELFA Children's Charity, based in Skipton. She is well known for her tireless work to ensure that children and young people in rural communities get access to the mental health services they need.


Emma is the Founder and CEO of SELFA Children’s Charity based in North Yorkshire, an organisation which supports over 500 children every year.

Over the last two decades she has campaigned on a range of issues including access to services for families living in rural communities and children and young people’s mental health. This is deeply rooted in her own experience as a parent of a child with mental health support needs and emotionally based school avoidance.

Originally from Belfast, Emma is a qualified life coach, a West Yorkshire Health Equity Fellow and a speaker on a wide range of lived experience leadership topics including imposter syndrome and systems leadership. 

"As a spokesperson, I want to make sure that parents and carers are part of the conversation when it comes to children and young people’s mental health."

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