What we do

We provide training, support and mentoring, and media opportunities. We work to address representation and diversity of voice in the media, finding platforms for our networks and building trusted relationships with journalists. We tackle the barriers that prevent these experts from engaging with the media who have the power to influence change.

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  • Spokesperson Network

    sounddelivery runs the Spokesperson Network programme to create a network of media savvy spokespeople who have direct experience of some of the biggest social issues facing the UK today. These leaders with firsthand experience receive training, media mentoring and media and speaking opportunities to amplify their expertise.

    More on our Spokesperson Network

  • Lived Experience Expertise

    sounddelivery helps individuals and marginalised communities solve problems, communicate experiences and create change around them. People with firsthand experience of the issues are often the best people to bring your stories to life. We can help you to develop and support a network of expert citizens with the skills and confidence to share their experiences.

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  • Project partnerships

    We work in partnership with others to turn exciting digital storytelling ideas around key social issues into powerful media-led campaigns and sustainable activities that inspire change in the world we live in.

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  • Supporting Funders to Skill-Up Grantees

    How can Funders support their grantees through programmes of additional training and bespoke support?

    Over the last few years Funders and Foundations have recognised that providing grants to charities and social enterprises isn’t enough and additional skills based support in media training, social media and digital storytelling and other areas can add real value to these organisations.

    More on our work with funders

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