Spokesperson Network

Our Being the Story Spokesperson Network programme creates a network of media savvy spokespeople, who have direct experience of some of the biggest social issues facing the UK today and receive training, media mentoring and speaking opportunities to amplify their expertise.

Leaders with direct experience receive storytelling and media training, mentoring from award-winning media professionals and opportunities to have their voices heard in the media, at events, and on platforms where they could reach a wider audience and influence change. The programme is underpinned by tailored pastoral care and peer support.

Members have: featured on ​Channel 4 News​, ​BBC Radio 4​ and ​BBC Radio London​; appeared in ​The Guardian​, BBC​, Metro and ​The Mirror​; have spoken at the ​Byline Festival​, a conference led by the Health Foundation; given a ​TedTalk​ and been invited as speaker at many charity sector events. Most importantly they have shared their skills and learning from the programme with their own communities.

Find out more about our Spokesperson Network here.

“Every single workshop has been insightful; it has shown me to believe in myself and the power my story has. Even though I have experience being on camera and radio, I learnt to be more confident in the things I have to say and has given me a chance to learn from my peers. Speaking to the media has shown me that I don’t have to be afraid of them and how to contact them if I have a story to share.”


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