Who we are

We believe that people who experience inequality and injustice can create change by sharing their experiences and expertise. As a charity, everything we do reflects our commitment to making an impact on challenging social issues.

Our vision

A world where lived experience voices are at the forefront of public conversation, policy and social change.

Our mission

We collaborate with community leaders and their networks, developing ongoing relationships, to ensure lived experience and voices are at the heart of policy and practice change. We strive to instil lived experience and individuals’ voices in everything we do, and will work towards greater representation and diversity in the voices heard in the media.

Our values

Sounddelivery Media’s values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in…


We listen, we learn, and together, we take action.


We work alongside people to reach their full potential.


Connected with which stories need to be told, where and how they can be told to have a lasting impact.


To those we work with and the challenges they face in getting their voices heard. Our work is long term.

Our team

We love to build long-term relationships with the charities and organisations we partner with. We’re supported by a network of experienced associates who share our values.

  • Jude Habib

    Jude Habib

    Founder and Director

    Jude is a BBC trained reporter and producer with over 20 years’ experience of unearthing stories that need to be told. She founded Sounddelivery Media in 2008 to give charities and the people they support the skills and confidence to tell their stories. Since then Jude has trained thousands of individuals in storytelling, helping to raise awareness and inspire action on issues including mental health, domestic violence, homelessness, the care system, poverty and life in prison. sounddelivery became a charity in February 2021.

    At the BBC Jude focused on human interest storytelling, developing and delivering high-impact social action campaigns across radio, television and digital.

    Jude is a certified TPMA (Trainer Performance, Monitoring and Assessment) trainer and mentor, and a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

  • Helena Hastings

    Helena Hastings

    Communications Manager

    Helena joined the Sounddelivery Media team in 2016 to work on our Social Media Exchange event. Since then her role has grown to include all aspects of our work, from managing our communications, to delivering our events, content creation, research, supporting the design and delivery of our training programmes, and writing funding bids.

    Helena is particularly interested in how stories can be used to change opinions and how charities can harness digital technologies to get their content seen and heard on different platforms.

  • Amal Abdi

    Amal Abdi

    Communications Assistant

    Amal joined the Sounddelivery Media team in January 2023 as communications assistant. Her role includes assisting the communication manager, working with the Spokesperson Network programme and delivering Sounddelivery Media’s impact online. Amal previously worked in communications in local government and has been a freelance arts and culture journalist since 2019. She is interested in the influence of technology and the digital space on politics, activism and culture.

  • Suyin Haynes

    Suyin Haynes

    Programme Manager Future Voices

    Suyin joined the Sounddelivery Media team in October 2023 on a part-time, freelance basis to support the delivery of the Future Voices programme in partnership with Voice of Domestic Workers. Formerly Senior Reporter at TIME and Head of Editorial at gal-dem, she is now a freelance journalist and media consultant. Her work centres on storytelling around identity, culture and underrepresented communities.

Our trustees

Sounddelivery Media is supported by people who give their time and expertise to ensure we thrive.

  • Emma Harrison

    Emma Harrison

    Chair of Trustees

    Emma Harrison is a strategic communications consultant. She is passionate about the role of strategic communications in changing attitudes; engaging the public with campaigns and building movements for change. Emma has held senior roles in charities across a range of issues including migration (previously chief-exec at IMIX), international development, the disability sector and the consumer movement.

    As well as a strong background in multi-channel communications, Emma has significant experience of policy development and advocating for change which started during her time working at the European Parliament.

  • Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones

    Trustee and treasurer

    Lisa has spent her career helping a range of charities and businesses improve their business planning and operations. She has helped businesses to grow from small start ups to established organisations. Currently employed as Assistant Director of Business Planning and Governance at the National Theatre, Lisa has previously worked for Creative Access, the City Zip Company and JSA.

    Lisa has been informally supporting Sounddelivery for the last 8 years and is delighted to make that relationship more formal now that she is a Trustee.

  • Craig Jones MBE (He | Him | His)

    Craig Jones MBE (He | Him | His)


    In 2020 Craig edited and published Fighting With Pride, an anthology of the lived experience of LGBT+ members of the Armed Forces. Later that year the authors launched the military charity FWP of which he is the Joint Chief-Exec. Craig joined the Royal Navy in 1989 and in a busy operational career, deployed to the border counties of Northern Ireland during ’the troubles’ and in 1993 led helicopter fast rope teams in the Northern Arabian Gulf. He was later the deputy navigator of the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. On the day of the lifting of the ‘gay ban’, Craig came out and led challenging work to support the serving LGBT+ community. Craig was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2006 for services to equality and human rights. In 2010 he created multi award winning NHS mental healthcare provider Brighton and Sussex Care.

    Sounddelivery Media has an independent reporting route if you need to raise any serious concerns around the charity’s conduct through our Whistleblowing/’Speak Up’ Policy. The email address speakup@sounddelivery.org.uk is only accessible by a Trustee, ensuring complete independence from the paid staff of the Charity. Craig Jones MBE is currently supporting us in this way and he can be accessed independently through the above email address.

  • Sylvie Carlos

    Sylvie Carlos


    Sylvie is a multi-award-winning audio producer, host, writer, and PhD researcher. Diversity, inclusion, and decolonisation are at the heart of Sylvie’s values. And her work across the podcasting and radio sector has unapologetically focused on amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities, with a particular focus on Black-British stories. Which goes hand in hand with her doctoral research. Her most recent work includes producing 1Xtra Talks, a BBC Radio 1Xtra programme that deep dived into the social and topical content relevant to Black communities nationally. And co-producing the award-winning podcast series Coiled.

    Sylvie has written for the Independent, highlighting her lived experiences. She is really passionate about the ‘Power of The Voice’, and regularly hosts workshops at schools and universities to empower others to self-advocate and find their USP using audio as their medium.

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