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Samantha Southern

Suicide Prevention Bereavement Coordinator at Empowerment Charity Blackpool, Samantha is committed to raising awareness, breaking the stigma, and assisting those affected by suicide,



Sam is a Lead Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Coordinator at Empowerment Charity in Blackpool. Prior to this, she specialised in Gastroenterology as a healthcare professional in the NHS. In addition to her work, Samantha runs a thriving local events business. As a dedicated mother of five, Sam has faced adversity, including the tragic loss of her husband to suicide in June 2020. This experience has driven her passion and commitment to raise awareness and offer hope to those who may be struggling. Samantha is not only a dedicated professional, but she also enjoys spending time with her family, blogging, and promoting mindfulness. She enjoys walking and believes in the benefits of staying active. Samantha’s personal interests complement her professional work and help her to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

"I want to raise awareness, break the stigma, and assist those affected by suicide. Education is a key component of this and I believe by communities gaining understanding and creating a seamless system to bridge the gap between services, we can give hope and put people first, ultimately creating positive and meaningful change. Not one person is exempt from being affected by suicide and things need to change!”

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