Supporting Funders to Skill-Up Grantees

How can Funders support their grantees through programmes of additional training and bespoke support? Over the last few years Funders and Foundations have recognised that providing grants to charities and social enterprises isn’t enough and additional skills based support in media training, social media and digital storytelling and other areas can add real value to these organisations.

Sounddelivery Media has been commissioned to deliver a wide range of training, mentoring and consultancy support for grant recipients. This support has been in addition to grants that have been given to the charities or social enterprises. The work we have done has been varied but a central element is to ensure that grant recipients understand the changing media climate, have social media and digital media skills and the confidence to use these skills to tell their stories and document and amplify their impact.

We have delivered support for Funders and Foundations including:

  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)
  • Lankelly Chase
  • Trust for London
  • National Lottery Community Fund
  • Nominet Trust now Social Tech Trust

We work in partnership with funders, foundations and often co-produced with grant recipients to ensure that the support is tailored to the groups we work with.


We have delivered storytelling support for organisations with a direct remit to tackle UK Poverty. These workshops have included people with direct experience of poverty – Poverty Experts – to help build their confidence and skills in order for them to tell their stories in their own ways and in their own words. JRF has also funded bursary places to Sounddelivery Media led digital training day the Social Media Exchange.

Trust for London

Sounddelivery Media has delivered Media Training support and Social Media training for grant receipients on behalf of Trust for London. JRF has also funded bursary places to Sounddelivery led digital training day the Social Media Exchange


Sounddelivery Media has delivered communications, social media and marketing training for Nominet Trust grantees and Nominet Trust has also funded bursary places for grant recipients to attend Sounddelivery led digital training day the Social Media Exchange and Social Media Exchange and Being the Story

National Lottery Community Fund

Sounddelivery Media has delivered a wide range of training on behalf of the National Lottery Community Fund. This has included bespoke practical blogging workshops for all successful grant recipients of the Silver Dreams Funding programme a partnership between the National Lottery Community Fund and the Daily Mail. The aim was that the grant recipients document their impact and the journey of their project throughout the programme. The practical training included a toolkit. We’ve delivered training in social media skills, digital storytelling to a wide range of grant recipients including Awards for All and Reaching Communities grant recipients across the country. We have provided bespoke training support including digital storytelling and content creation for the National Experts Citizens Group as part of the Fulfilling Lives Programme.

Lankelly Chase

Sounddelivery Media ran introductions to blogging and video as part of the System Changers Programme for frontline workers led by the Point People and Snook and funded by Lankelly Chase.

Services we offer

  • Mentoring
  • One-to-one Support
  • Large group training
  • Curating training events on behalf of funders

“JRF work with Sounddelivery Media on both bespoke training sessions and also as sponsors of SMEX. Jude is a fantastic facilitator and her extensive experience, coupled with her inclusive approach, is invaluable in supporting delegates with little or know digital knowledge to upskill and learn techniques, to allow them to use their voices to tell their stories.”

Sarah Irving, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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