The Calzy Foundation are campaigning for the UK Government to launch a 24/7 Mental Health Emergency Helpline

Alan Stuart, from the 2022 Spokesperson Network, co-founded the Calzy Foundation with his family after losing his son Cal to suicide in 2021 at just 23 years old. They are calling for a 3-digit mental health emergency helpline in the hope it could save others going through mental health emergencies.

Alan, Joolz, Cal, Cyan – The Calzy Foundation was formed after Cal died by suicide at age 23 in 2021

On January 7th 2021 my son Cal made the hardest of decisions – he decided to tap out of his physical world and find some peace from his depression and suffering. He was just 23 years old when he died by suicide.

Maybe every parent who has a loving relationship with their child would say this, but Cal was a one off. He was unique, he was distinct, he was his own man, he was my best friend. He is my hero as well as my son. We are pained so much by his loss. 

We are Cal’s family – his mother, father and sister – and we are campaigning together for a Mental Health Emergency number that will save others from what we’ve been through. 

The USA has a mental health emergency helpline 988 for suicide prevention and mental health crises – it’s time we had the same in the UK too. 

We are further emboldened and catalysed by our Calzy Foundation youth board – the voice of a young generation – a tribe of energised young activists who have been deeply affected by the mental health crisis. With us, they are ready to create the change that our policymakers are failing to put in place for us.

The UK is in the middle of a mental health crisis, with over 6000 suicides in 2020 alone*. A Government funded 24/7 emergency mental health number, operated and staffed by professional mental health practitioners, will save lives.

There are currently many mental health helplines run by different organisations, running in different areas at different times. This means knowing who to turn to when facing a mental health emergency is often confusing, overwhelming and off-putting. With the confusion surrounding who to call, people with suicidal intention and those in mental health crisis are calling 999, which is taking up a lot of police time.

The USA has a mental health emergency helpline 988 for suicide prevention and mental health crises – it’s time we had the same in the UK too. 

It will come too late for our son, but there are so many more like him that need this support in their time of need. Please sign our family’s petition to urgently establish a mental health emergency helpline in the UK.

I want others to have a simple mental health emergency number that simply was not there for my son. A number that may have saved his life at that darkest of moments. The proposed number would be operational 24/7, every day of the year and answered by fully trained mental health professionals. Callers would be assessed and referred through to the service they need, including the emergency services (999) where needed.

The Calzy Foundation believes that a memorable three-digit number will actually result in existing mental health support organisations and charities receiving referral calls from the helpline that relate specifically to their particular service support offer.

We want as many people as possible to sign the petition to make change happen. Please support the Calzy Foundation campaign here: 

About the Author

Alan Stuart lost his son Cal (23yrs old) to suicide in January 2021. He and his family were devastated as they were very tight and close as a family of four. In his own words, ‘Cal is my best friend, he is my hero – he is also my son’. Soon after Cal’s passing he and his family launched The Calzy Foundation – to campaign for increased and accessible peer-to-peer support for young adults suffering trauma or crisis in their mental health; to de-stigmatise the conversation in young people around mental health and to work towards reducing the suicide rates in young people. They also campaign for the establishment of a distinct three-digit emergency mental health number – similar to 111. Alan is committed to encouraging more open; honest and transparent dialogue around mental health in young adults and especially in those who have been impacted by peer suicide.

Alan Stuart is from the 2022 Sounddelivery Media Spokesperson Network

As seen in the Daily Express: 

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