Future Voices – Amplifying the Voices of Migrant Domestic Workers in the UK

We are excited to announce the third cohort of our Future Voices programme – our collaboration with The Voices of Domestic Workers to develop their own network of confident and skilled migrant domestic workers as public spokespeople. 

The Sounddelivery Media Spokesperson Network has become the backbone of our charity’s work and supporting other charities and organisations to develop their own networks of leaders with direct experience of social injustice is key to our mission. That’s why we are excited to announce the third cohort of our Future Voices programme – our collaboration with The Voices of Domestic Workers to develop their own network of confident and skilled migrant domestic workers as public spokespeople. 

The Voice of Domestic Workers is an education and support group calling for justice and rights for Britain’s sixteen thousand migrant domestic workers. Their work seeks to end discrimination and protect migrant domestic workers living in the UK by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare and legal advice. 

Migrant domestic workers are one of the most vulnerable groups of workers. The removal of their rights under the Overseas Domestic Worker visa in 2012 has left them unprotected, powerless and in severely exploitative work conditions. Given the current context, it has never been more important to hear directly from migrant domestic workers in their own words and in their own ways. It is migrant domestic workers themselves that can offer the solutions for the change that is needed. They are the leaders – their voices just need to be heard.

Future Voices was launched in 2022 to nurture a network of spokespeople from the Voice of Domestic Workers so that there are a wider number of people who can undertake media opportunities, give public talks, speak to politicians and policy makers and be more prominent public campaigners. Since completing the programme, our Future Voices alumni have spoken at international conferences on domestic workers’ rights, appeared on global broadcast media including the BBC World Service and Channel 4 News, and written for national publications including the i newspaper and the Big Issue. They are using their expertise to draw attention to the issues they face, and the changes they want to see. 

We are so proud to have seen the success of both Future Voices I and II, and as we prepare for the third cohort to start the programme, we look to their lived experience and guidance to create a true partnership between our organisations. Future Voices III is particularly special, as it marks the culmination of our three year collaboration. At the end of this programme, we at Sounddelivery Media will be handing over Future Voices to the Voice of Domestic Workers, where moving forward, the project will be led by domestic workers who will deliver the training that they once undertook. This is really important to us, as part of our broader work to equip and support new networks of spokespeople with the skills, knowledge and tools in place to continue their work sustainably and with autonomy. We can’t wait to see where the programme goes next! 

Here, the members of Future Voices III introduce themselves and share why they are taking part in the programme:


“Despite the uncertainties surrounding the work and living conditions of migrant domestic workers, I want to be the light and hope for my fellow domestic workers. Together we will bravely find the right path to be out of darkness.”


“In the heart of my story, there is a voice. I want my voice to not just echo but be listened to. I want my story to have the power to make a difference and make a change so domestic workers have rights as workers and be respected as human beings.”

Christine Joy

“I want to be one of the voices for my fellow migrant domestic workers that are still afraid and don’t have courage to share their story and experiences about their abusive employers.”


“I want to expand my knowledge and boost my confidence, enabling me to express myself in front of others. I want to develop my skills, cultivate my abilities, and serve as an inspiring role model advocating for positive transformation within my community.” 


“I believe that domestic workers should be respected and admired like other workers. I will always be a voice of domestic workers, working to raise up our rights and to be treated fairly like normal human beings, doing a job that is of value.” 


“From a small island upbringing to global advocacy, my journey through hardship and resilience has shown me the strength of community and the power of perseverance. Together, we can shine a light on the invaluable contributions of domestic workers and fight for the recognition and justice we deserve.”


“As one of the leaders of my community, I want to be a role model to other migrant domestic workers, to show that knowing your self worth and your rights is very important. Being committed is a choice, it’s not an option.” 

Mary Queen

“I want to gain empowerment, enhance my skills, and build confidence through the program. My aspiration is to become a spokesperson for domestic workers, advocating for their rights and dignity.” 


“I want to use my voice to campaign so I can have my rights, and can live and work like any other worker. I believe, if we collectively stand and fight together, we can win and achieve our goals.” 


I want to inspire and speak up for my fellow migrant workers who felt voiceless by sharing my stories and struggles”

Rose Ann

“I want to challenge myself to do something that I haven’t done and that is being able to speak in public confidently. If I can speak well, I will be able to deliver a message coming from my heart through my story to make an impact and inspire others.” 


“I want to raise awareness and advocate for domestic workers, to educate others about their rights, to be treated with dignity and fairness.” 

We really look forward to working closely with the team at the Voice of Domestic Workers, especially director Marissa Begonia, and the Future Voices network. We also want to say a huge thank you to the funders who’ve supported this programme; City Bridge Foundation, PHF, and Trust for London. 

Do follow the programme updates via the hashtag here: #VODWFutureVoices 

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