Future Voices 

We partner with other organisations to develop and support their networks of spokespeople from panels, to spokesperson programme, with the skills and confidence to share their experiences.

Future Voices is a unique leadership programme in partnership with The Voice of Domestic Workers that aims to develop a network of confident and skilled migrant domestic workers as public spokespeople to amplify the injustices their community is facing.

The work of The Voice of Domestic Workers seeks to end discrimination and protect migrant domestic workers living in the UK by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare and legal advice. They campaign to improve the living and working conditions of migrant domestic workers in the UK. As migrant domestic workers are one of the most vulnerable groups of workers, it is vital that their stories and experiences of injustice are heard, and listened to. 

Future Voices builds on our Spokesperson Network model to create bespoke leadership programmes to empower specific communities tackling inequality and injustice as visible public spokespeople. The programme provides participants with the opportunity to take part in practical workshops on blogging, vlogging, interview preparation, campaigning skills, and presentation skills to ensure that they can influence change effectively.

The training the spokespeople receive builds their self-confidence and creates peer support networks that allow each individual to tell their own story and go on to support others.

Montage from our 2022 Future Voices pilot programme

Against the backdrop of a hostile environment, a failing NRM system set up to support those who’ve experienced modern day slavery overseas domestic workers continue to be vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. We know that they are essential workers and should be protected as such in the UK. Through this programme, we aim to make sure that migrant domestic workers are listened to by wider audiences to influence change. 

Meet our Future Voices here: https://www.thevoiceofdomesticworkers.com/futurevoices 

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graphic with 12 headshot photos of women and 1 black woman. Below it reads Future Voiecs 2023 #VODWFutureVoices with the logos of The Voice of Domestic Workers and Sounddelivery Media

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