Our vision

We believe people can challenge prejudice and disadvantage through the power of their story.

We empower people to create change through their stories.

Our mission

img_9577_15988745211_oAs a social enterprise, we address challenging social issues that often go unreported or misrepresented in the media or stigmatised by the public.

We collaborate with people and communities who have direct experience of the issues and support them to share their stories and insights.

We want charities and socially minded organisations to develop the potential of their stories and storytelling skills to change perceptions, influence policy, and raise funds.

We build long term partnerships to facilitate opportunities for the people we work with and ensure their stories have maximum impact.

Our values

sounddelivery’s values are at the heart of everything we do. We are…

  • Personal

    All our support is bespoke. We work one-to-one to unlock firsthand stories because we are passionate about building trust and confidence within people and organisations.

  • Committed

    To the people we work with and the challenges they might face in getting their voice heard. We build relationships for the long term.

  • Aware

    We pride ourselves in being connected with what is happening, knowing which stories need to be told, where they can be told, and how they can be told to have a sustainable, lasting impact.

  • Unstoppable

    We take risks and challenge our clients because we care about social change.

Our storytelling priorities

Our current storytelling priorities give a voice to:

  • people with experience of violence and abuse;
  • young people with experience of the care system;
  • the role of legal advisors and the people who seek their help;
  • people with first-hand experience of poverty, particularly those misrepresented in the media.

We want to support organisations that do great work but need further expertise to use the power of storytelling to increase their impact.

The team

We love to build long-term relationships with the charities and organisations we partner with. Our founder Jude is personally involved in every project and we’re supported by a network of experienced associates who share our values.

  • Jude Habib

    Founder and Director

    Jude is a BBC trained reporter and producer with over 20 years’ experience of unearthing stories that need to be told. She founded sounddelivery in 2006 to give charities and the people they support the skills and confidence to tell their stories. Since then Jude has trained thousands of individuals in storytelling, helping to raise awareness and inspire action on issues including mental health, domestic violence, homelessness, the care system, poverty and life in prison.

    At the BBC Jude focused on human interest storytelling, developing and delivering high-impact social action campaigns across radio, television and digital. These included Ring Around Carers, Africa Lives, Hitting HomeChildren in Need and Comic Relief.

    Jude is a certified TPMA (Trainer Performance, Monitoring and Assessment) trainer and mentor, and a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

  • Helena Hastings

    Digital officer

    Helena joined the sounddelivery team to work on our Social Media Exchange event. Since then her role has grown to span all aspects of our work, from research to marketing and delivering our events.

    Helena is particularly interested in how stories can be used to change opinions and how charities can harness digital technologies to get their content seen and heard on different platforms.

Our board advisory panel

sounddelivery are supported by people who give their time and expertise to ensure we thrive.

  • Colin Falconer

    Colin Falconer was the driving force behind Open Talent, Advantaged Thinking and Healthy Conversations at youth charity Foyer Federation, working as Director of Innovation for 15 years.  In 2015, he set up Inspirechilli, offering consultancy, training and bespoke products to help organisations make inspiration work for good. Colin is currently an expert advisor for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Youth fund, and is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.  Previously, Colin helped manage the world’s first distance learning degree for ballet teachers, and set up advice and guidance systems for new approaches to e-learning.

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