Working with expert citizens

People with firsthand experience of the issues are often the best people to bring your stories to life and challenge perceptions, including media stereotypes. We can guide you through the process of developing a network of expert citizens, from understanding how it fits into your wider communications strategy and building support within your organisation, to finding and training the members of your expert citizen network.

The expert citizen training we provide ranges from hands-on workshops on storytelling skills, using social media tools and working with the media, to ongoing mentoring and support. Our training is always bespoke – we respond to the exact needs of your organisation and the individuals we’re working with. Our aim is to empower each expert citizen with the ability to tell their story with confidence and honesty.

We quickly gain the trust of the citizens we train and we work sensitively to support each person’s needs, including vulnerable individuals. We have trained and supported expert citizens on topics including domestic violence, mental health difficulties, homelessness, offending behaviour, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Contact Jude to talk about how developing expert citizens could increase the impact of your organisation’s work.

Listen to how the Expert Citizens at Voices of Stoke found their voices with sounddelivery.

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