Spokesperson Network

Jamie Gratton

Founder and Operation Director at Staywell Derby, a non profit social enterprise bringing a lived experience led proactive approach to wellbeing to the residents of Derby City.


Jamie has always been community focused and is passionate about tackling stigma and highlighting the positive impact that those with lived experience on individuals’ lives. Jamie believes lived experience not only incorporates a peer knowledge but also compasses understanding of marginalisation, oppression, stigma and discrimination. Jamie’s story covers many different paths, his lived experience includes addiction, homelessness, ex forces and depression and has been on his recovery journey now for 25 years. Combining his lived experience with a career in the public sector and service allows Jamie to have an insight into what Staywell Derby can do to support the work that is happening within the city. He also is the Chair of the East Midlands Recovery Forum. In his spare time Jamie runs a non-alcoholic Spoken Word event in Derby called Silent Voices

“I feel it’s important to understand the changing environment to getting information out there and supporting people in different ways and understanding social media and other platforms to do this”

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