Spokesperson Network

Spokespersons in the area of Mental Health

  • Beth Thomas

    Mentoring Scheme Co-Ordinator and Safeguarding Director at Our Place Support. Beth is passionate about using her own experiences to inspire others who have experienced trauma and issues with their mental health.

  • Chloe Deakin

    Chloe is a multi-disciplinary producer, who uses her expertise in communications, digital media, and youth work to promote healing, and growth within disenfranchised communities across the Midlands.


  • Debs Teale

    Advocate of creativity in health following her own mental health journey, Trustee at the National Centre for Creative Health, member of the Social Prescribing Network and Social Prescribing Academy

  • Nasar Iqbal

    Founder and Director of Black Country Innovate CIC based in Walsall working with hard to reach and BME communities to challenge and reduce all forms of hate crimes.

  • Amanda Hailes

    Part of Hull-based women’s collective An Untold Story, peer-researcher for AVA and Agenda, campaigning for women facing marginalisation

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