This training gave me the confidence to tell my story in public. I realised that discussing my life experience could help others. It could also help agencies – those prepared to listen – to design better services.

Darren Murinas, sounddelivery Expert Citizen Trainee

We’ve worked with VOICES of Stoke to put expert citizens at the centre of finding new approaches to supporting people who have multiple needs arising from substance misuse, homelessness, offending behaviour and mental health difficulties.

Over the course of our partnership with VOICES, storytelling has become an integral part of the organisation’s work to inform commissioners, influence policy makers, raise awareness and challenge stigma within the wider community. We have delivered bespoke storytelling workshops for staff and for expert citizens, including an inspiring session with award-winning filmmaker Penny Woolcock. We’ve also provided media support to staff and ongoing informal mentoring to expert citizens as they continue their storytelling journey.

We are extremely proud of how VOICES champions storytelling as a way to transform the experience of people with multiple needs. We are proud too of the achievements of expert citizens such as Darren Murinas, who has shared his powerful story through the Guardian Social Care Network, Big Lottery Fund, BBC and others.

What VOICES of Stoke say

We found the creative approach to training offered by sounddelivery excellent. Bringing the knowhow of an award winning film director to the training proved to be an inspiration for our staff and volunteers. We’re now working on our own film festival to convey the stories of VOICES customers through the power of multimedia and social networks.

Andy Meakin, Director, VOICES of Stoke

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