Through our work we aim to amplify the voices of people with firsthand experience so they are part of the wider conversations that affect them. sounddelivery worked alongside the charity Little Village to secure an Awards for All grant from the Big Lottery Fund for a series of storytelling workshops with the individuals they support. Little Village is a charity that provides for free good quality baby clothes and equipment, donated by local families, to local families that need them. The families they support have experience of a wide range of issues including poverty and physical and mental health issues.

We ran a programme of storytelling workshops on photography and visual storytelling, video, audio, the written word and engaging with the media. This gave the group the opportunity to explore different storytelling techniques, and create their own digital content sharing their stories and experiences. We also produced audio and visual content from the stories gathered which were presented at a Storytelling Showcase event. Our media workshop brought in a Channel 4 News producer and an award-winning documentary producer from our sounddelivery network to meet the group and answer any questions they had around how journalists and documentary workers find, gather and tell stories. Following the programme two of the participants were featured in a Channel 4 News feature on families affected by changes to Universal Credit. Little Village founder Sophia Parker also pitched an idea to the production company which was turned into a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on the rise of organisations like Little Village or ‘Baby Banks’. Through all our work we aim to amplify important stories and create positive relationships between the charity sector and the media.


What Little Village say about our work

It was an absolute pleasure to work with sounddelivery this year. Jude is an inspiring leader, a very empowering facilitator and extraordinarily generous with her networks. She introduced us to journalists and producers which ultimately led to the parents we support getting some amazing opportunities to share their stories on Channel 4 News and Dispatches.

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