Programmes like Benefit Street… neglect to tell the real stories of those struggling to survive in often very difficult situations and instead vilify them as ‘scroungers’

Bootcamp delegate

We believe it is vital that the voices of those with experience of poverty are heard and listened to. sounddelivery was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to work with people with firsthand experience of poverty and organisations tackling poverty as part of their long-term strategy- Solve UK Poverty. The aim was to equip the participants with the skills and confidence to tell their stories and get their voices heard.

We ran an intensive bootcamp in York bringing together delegates from around the UK. Participants spent a day learning different approaches to digital storytelling including social media, blogging, photography, video and audio to create stories of their own. We explored how poverty is currently portrayed in the media and how they can use their voices to challenge these stereotypes, and change the narrative around poverty. The workshop supported the JRF strategy to solve UK poverty launched September 2016.

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