We are portrayed as lazy, good for nothing scroungers but we’re not actually like that, we do actually go out, we want to go out and do stuff!

Kayleigh Seckington, Intrepid Explorer, Newhaven Foyer

We believe it is vital that young people have a chance to be involved in making decisions that affect them. sounddelivery was commissioned by the Foyer Federation to work with young people taking part in its Intrepid Explorers programme. The aim was to equip the young people with the skills and confidence to tell their stories and get their voices heard.

We ran an intensive bootcamp for Foyer residents from across the UK, where participants spent an action-packed two days learning to capture, organise, design and tell a new Advantaged Thinking story about young people – a story that challenges perceptions and shatters stereotypes. We led discussions exploring how young people are depicted in the media and what perceptions they’d like to change, before getting down to the practical details of how to use social media, blogging, photography, video and audio to create stories of their own.

We also trained and supported a group of young people to be social reporters at the Foyer Federation’s annual conference and to sit on a panel answering questions from delegates.

What Foyer Federation say about our work

We have had fantastic experiences of working with sounddelivery, particularly in workshops with young people to enable them to tell a different story about their world. They not only learned the tools and techniques for a range of storytelling media but perhaps what was most powerful was the way it helped them to connect with their personal stories giving them confidence to be authentic to their own voice and to capture the stories of others.

Nicola Kidston, Foyer Federation

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