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Anna Hall

Anna Hall is the Director and Executive Producer of Candour Productions, and is best known for her 17-year enquiry into gang grooming.


Anna has been making films for over 20 years. She’s been nominated for 6 BAFTAS and is the only woman ever to be nominated in two consecutive years for the BAFTA CRAFT Best Factual Director Award. She’s best known for her 17 year enquiry into gang grooming and broke the CSE story in 2004 with her first feature length doc ‘Edge of the City’ for Channel 4. Since then she’s made a further two films on the subject for Channel 4 and won the hugely prestigious Women in Film & TV Best Factual award and the RTS Journalism Award for “The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs” in 2013. She has gone on to make films about forced marriage and honour based abuse; domestic violence and coercive control. In the last year she has directed The Family Secret for 9pm for Channel 4, and A Day in a Life of Coronavirus Britain which was filmed in a day and transmitted 3 days later!   Her latest documentary has been the most challenging to tell.  https://www.channel4.com/programmes/torn-apart-family-courts-uncovered-dispatches

Anna is Director & Executive Producer of Candour Productions and sees the company as fulfilling her life-long dream of providing a home for film-makers in the north. She has three kids, a husband and a dog!

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