Abandoning Labels, Sharing your Impact, BFI Film Fest and More in our Storytelling Highlights

Grab yourselves a cup of tea, a pair of headphones and enjoy our newest Storytelling Highlights.

Welcome to the new home of our weekly Storytelling Highlights. On this blog we’ll share our weekly dose of things we’ve spotted that are great examples of storytelling as well as thought-pieces by us and guests on all things digital storytelling.  Also, a quick reminder to put Monday 6th February in your diary because The Social Media Exchange (#SMEX17) is back, with tickets available in October! Back to our storytelling highlights. Here’s our list of things we’ve seen, heard or read about in the worlds of charity communications and digital storytelling and would like to share with you.  So grab yourselves a cup of tea, a pair of headphones and enjoy these highlights.

1. Barnardos – Believe in Me

We love this new campaign from Barnardos. The message and execution is so powerful showing the strength of young people who won’t be defined by their circumstances or history. The campaign works so well across platforms through video and visuals. It is uplifting and empowering and draws upon a message illuminated by Being the Story speaker Sam Smith who asked us to think about how we label young people. As a young person he felt labelled as a no-hoper, being in foster care and lacking a good education but he has abandoned these tags and aims to empower other young people to do the same, read Sam’s story in this guest blog.

2. #DIMAD- Guardian Voluntary Network needs you!

We had a lovely meeting with Clare Horton who Edits the Social Care and Health Professional Networks at the Guardian and takes a strong interest in the Voluntary Network too. She wanted us to remind our network ie you guys of this element of the Voluntary Network which invites personal stories of the day you made a difference #DIMAD. The ones we’ve read so far have been really thoughtful and inspiring and it would be great to see more examples. So whether you work for an established charity, community group or grassroots project this is a great opportunity to put a spotlight on what you might have done.

Remember our motto – if we don’t tell our stories – who will.  Let us know if you do pitch an article.


3. Being Black Going Crazy

This BBC3 documentary puts a spotlight on mental illness amongst young black people who statistically are more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness than amongst any other group. Presented by blogger and radio presenter Keith Dube he seeks to find out why the black community is facing a mental health crisis drawing on his own experience of depression. He gathers opinions from mental health experts, community leaders and his 25,000 followers on Twitter to try and answer this question. The documentary gives a voice to the young people who can feel constrained by the mental health stigma reinforced by some of the older generations in their community.


4. #Ambulance

The new BBC series Ambulance gives an insight into the high-pressured every day experienced by the London Ambulance Service.  We are given a window to see how they manage an ordinary day in London with dozens of car crashes, overdoses, suicide attempts and – statistically – 28 cardiac arrests, where every second can make the difference between life and death.


5. BFI Film festival

The 60th BFI Film Festival is about to commence showing some of the best new documentaries and films over a week in London. One documentary that caught our eye is Those Who Jump, taglined ‘I exist because I film’ it shares the firsthand experiences of a Mali migrant who filmed his treacherous journey to Europe. Take advantage of the wealth of powerful film being shown and snap up some of the remaining tickets, and if you’ve seen anything you thought was great – do let us know! The BFI London Film Festival will take place 5-16 October 2016.


As usual there are more than 5 things on our list.

Hilary Clinton’s latest campaign ad is powerful in challenging Trump’s misogyny asking ‘Is this the president we want for our daughters’.

The NUS offer free screenings for tomorrow for the new Ken Loach film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ exploring the modern welfare state.

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